MS Awareness

March is designated the national month of MS awareness and education. As someone who lives with multiple sclerosis, it’s important to me to raise awareness of this disease. While I am able to adapt, to live well despite MS, it remains the biggest struggle in my life. I won’t pretend that a day goes by where I am not compromised physically or emotionally because of MS.

Raising awareness is important to secure funds for research. It’s important as people with MS continue to seek acceptance and understanding, and freedom from discrimination. Awareness is key to ensure we have access to the care we need, and can live without fear of being denied treatment because we can’t afford it. As someone living with MS, I feel it is my duty to raise awareness. I do so by sharing my story, by participating in fundraising efforts, and by giving my time and support to MS nonprofits.

Through these efforts I feel that I’m doing my part to work toward the ultimate goal of ending MS. But it also gives me a sense of community. I am able to exist among my peers. I can connect with others who can directly relate to me. And I feel comforted by these connections. I’m not alone, because we are all in this fight together.